[Isocops] IBEX Goat Herder for Jan. 13 & 14

Chubin, Eric Eric.Chubin at ngc.com
Mon Jan 14 11:04:07 EST 2019


The perigee contacts were nominal for CMD and TLM. The Inertial maneuver was successful and battery balancing was nominal.
The following was completed:
               Reset Master Timer
               CAR #1017 ATS Upload - IBEX_2019_023_o0435a_v001.scr
               SSR Dump
               CAR #1016 - Re-dump orbit 432 problem blocks

Results from the Inertial Maneuver:
Q1 0.53833000  ActNor.EstInrToBdy[0]
Q2 -0.62564200 ActNor.EstInrToBdy[1]
Q3 0.54679700  ActNor.EstInrToBdy[2]
Q4 0.14066500  ActNor.EstInrToBdy[3]
GPS sec 1231506695.000 ActNor.EstTime
MPS Cmd Vector X           0.417363000
MPS Cmd Vector Y           -0.829655000
MPS Cmd Vector Z            -0.370784000
MPS Diff 0.646 deg
CSS Angle TLM   1.60803
CSS Sun-Pointing Angle   3.21606
                              09 Jan 19 @19:00
CSS Angle TLM   0.754333
CSS Sun-Pointing Angle   1.508666
                              14 Jan 19 @13:00
Thruster 1            3888      09 Jan 19 @19:00
Thruster 2            3792
Thruster 3            4672
Thruster 4            4768
Thruster 1            4288      14 Jan 19 @13:00
Thruster 2            4192
Thruster 3            5088
Thruster 4            5184
Number of Pulses
Thruster 1            400
Thruster 2            400
Thruster 3            416
Thruster 4            416
Thruster Pairs
Thruster 1 & 2    800
Thruster 3 & 4    832

Eric Chubin
Mission Operations Engineer - OCO2, IBEX
Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems
OCO2 MOC#: (703) 429 - 7015
Mobile#: (240) 328 - 2098
Eric.Chubin at ngc.com


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