[Isocops] Cron <ibexops at ena> $IBEX_CRON/cronswitch.sh sftp_driver sync < /dev/null >/dev/null

Cron Daemon root at ena.sr.unh.edu
Sun Oct 9 00:21:02 EDT 2011

see /home/ibexops/IBEX/ops/log/sftp_driver-2011.

sending incremental file list
SFTP/ibex/moc/Moc-Soc/Goat Herder/IBEX Goat Herder 08 Oct 11.docx

sent 779851 bytes  received 406 bytes  520171.33 bytes/sec
total size is 22540949859  speedup is 28889.14

/home/ibexops/IBEX/sw/isoc/src/ops/admin/scripts/sftp_doit.sh \

cronswitch.sh is using /home/ibexops/IBEX/sw/i686-5.0/bin/isoc.sh for setup
Logging to /home/ibexops/IBEX/ops/log/pipe-2011.

/home/ibexops/IBEX/sw/isoc/src/ops/admin/scripts/sftp_wakeup.sh cron config=/home/ibexops/IBEX/ops/config/ids/id-leops 0142

[0142] Working on /home/ibexops/IBEX/raw/o0142
[0142] Working in /home/ibexops/IBEX/work/ops/wakeup
Defaultcase unknown0:..IBEX Goat Herder 08 Oct 11.docx

TA: 2011.

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