[Isocops] CRONology 2011-12-08 - nominal, v003 ATS out

Mark Tapley mtapley at swri.edu
Thu Dec 8 10:44:51 EST 2011

	o150 ATS v003 out; constraint violation on battery SOC fixed 
by moving perigee maneuver; O-mode commands removed, will be done 

	Calendar job seems to be OK now with non-numerical 0147a 
orbit arc notation. Thanks, Ken!



20:20  SFTP. v003 .STF, forecast STF, .oef, 6 VCIDs, 8 .trk files.
20:22  wakeup. Update spin and pointing files.


00:20  SFTP. v003 ATS and analysis files.
00:27  wakeup. Update pointing file.

02:33  rebuild /gbc tree - OK (tarballs disabled)
03:12  rebuild production tree - OK (tarballs installed)
03:20  SVN update ibex-web - passed.
03:20  SVN update ena - passed.
03:42  SVN commit ibex, isoc *** failed, result of 5.0 upgrade. Ken working it.
09:50  /home/giordano/chicken-isoc backup - web.


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