[HubbardBrookCOS] Updating CVs on hubbardbrook.org

Mary Martin mem at gromit.sr.unh.edu
Tue Dec 8 10:39:13 EST 2015

Hubbard Brook COS,

Please update your Hubbard Brook online CV here: 
If you do not have a CV on the HB website, you will be able to add one 
by going to the same link.

When updating your publications, read the paragraph carefully above the 
publication list - you
will see instructions on how to add to the top of the list. If you have 
forgotten your password,
drop me and email and I will send you instructions. Let me know if you 
encounter any other
problems. I just updated mine, and everything worked as expected.

If you can find time to do this in the next few weeks, that would be 
great - a complete update
to our online CVs before we submit the renewal will send the message 
that we are all active and
productive at Hubbard Brook!


Mary Martin
Hubbard Brook Information Manager
Earth Systems Research Center
Morse Hall, Univ of NH
Durham, NH 03824
Voice:  603 862 4508
Email:  mary.martin at unh.edu

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