Hi everyone,

The IBEX FDG has posted a new predicted ephemeris file and orbit events files.

The ephemeris file is located in the folder /IBEXIncoming/FDG/PredictedEphemeris/

and is named: IBEX_Ephem_2018_079_23_57_v001.e

The orbit events files are in the folder /IBEXIncoming/FDG/PredictedEphemeris/OrbitEvents/

and are named: IBEX_CrossingTimes_2018_079_23_57_v001.txt


There is also a new definitive ephemeris file available in the folder /IBEXIncoming/FDG/Working/

which is named: Sat_Ibex_Smooth_20180320_235700_Def_v001.e

Stephen Lutz
IBEX Flight Dynamics