[Isocops] Cron <ibexops at ena> $IBEX_CRON/cronswitch.sh nightly local < /dev/null >/dev/null

Cron Daemon root at ena.sr.unh.edu
Sun Mar 19 03:13:51 EDT 2017

host: ena.sr.unh.edu

distcheck results:
ibex-5.e archives ready for distribution: 

brain wipe:     pass by 2017.
svn update:     pass by 2017.
ibex re-build:  pass by 2017.
isoc re-build:  pass by 2017.
ibex re-check:  pass by 2017.
isoc re-check:  pass by 2017.
ibex distcheck: pass by 2017.
isoc distcheck: fail by 2017.
tarballs were not installed
documentation installed in /usr/local/IBEX/ops/docpit

Done, see /home/ibexops/IBEX/ops/log/nightly-2017.

Summary details follow via
 nightlyerr.pl /home/ibexops/IBEX/ops/log/nightly-2017.

--------------------------------------------------------(svn status:)
svn-status: M       ibex/src/pipe/sc/tlm/frame_strip.c
svn-status: ?       isoc/src/ops/cmds/stf/Common_test.pm
svn-status: ?       isoc/src/ops/cmds/stf/.read_rules_2.0.pl.swo
svn-status: ?       isoc/src/ops/cmds/stf/Schedule_test.pm
svn-status: M       isoc/src/ops/cmds/stf/Common.pm
svn-status: M       isoc/src/ops/admin/scripts/quick/me_quick_count_spin_nep.sh
svn-status: M       isoc/src/ops/admin/scripts/despin_trials.sh
svn-status: ?       isoc/src/ops/admin/pipe/primary_one_keep.sh
svn-status: M       isoc/src/ops/admin/pipe/primary_one.sh
svn-status: M       isoc/src/ops/admin/pipe/qsingle_star.sh
--------------------------------------------------------(isoc dist:check)
directory = /home/ibexops/IBEX/sw/build-5.e/isoc/isoc-5.e/_build/infra/me_tools/test
srcdir = ../../../../infra/me_tools/test
make[6]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
	PASS: test_align
		64863 errors were at tolerance 0.03066 ms
	PASS: test_OSBdb
	PASS: test_mmOSB
	PASS: test_OTdb
	PASS: test_mmOT
	PASS: test_ATTdb
	PASS: test_mmATT
	PASS: test_ATTdq
	PASS: test_mqATT
	PASS: ../cmp_quats
	PASS: test_expo
	cmp -l CRAP.mev GRAP.mev found 100 > 99
	Failed MEvents_rw_osb (3)
	Failed MEvents_lookup_osb (3)
	FAIL: test_MEvent
	PASS: test_mmME
	PASS: test_MEstdio.sh
	PASS: test_extra
	PASS: test_MEVL
	1 of 16 tests failed
--------------------------------------------------------(isoc dist:check)
directory = /home/ibexops/IBEX/sw/build-5.e/ibex
srcdir = /home/ibexops/IBEX/sw/ibex/src

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