[Isocops] IBEX ORbit# 365 ATS (28 Apr 17 - 7 May 17)

Perry, Timothy Timothy.Perry at OrbitalATK.com
Fri Apr 14 14:31:53 EDT 2017

    I approve the ATS for Orbit#365

From: Wesley, Sheral
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017 12:04 PM
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Subject: IBEX ORbit# 365 ATS (28 Apr 17 - 7 May 17)

  Here are the planning files and ATS for Orbit# 365.
Please respond to this email thread with your comments and approvals
Approvals are required before 18 April 17 1300 UTC.

Note the following:

1.       Battery Balancing at PERIGEE
# Orbit# 365  PERIGEE: Battery Balancing Commands
# 2017-05-07T04:27:29.626Z,Perigee,orbit:365
  SetLongEclipseFlag TRUE $TIME=2017/05:07:04:00:00
  SetLongEclipseFlag FALSE $TIME=2017/05:07:05:30:00

2.       Moon in LO FOV
# 2017-05-02T18:04:30.164Z,MoonInLoFovStart,orbit:365
# 2017-05-04T01:11:37.603Z,MoonInLoFovStop,orbit:365

3.       IBEX Hi Gain Test
#  Start TIME=2017/05:05:13:00:00
#   End TIME=2017/05:05:17:15:41

4.       Command Load Constraint Violation Report


IBX-CLC-016: No command to enable spin pulse protection was found after
             transition to science mode at 2017/04/28 14:55:17 UTC
IBX-CLC-016: No command to enable spin pulse protection was found after
             transition to science mode at 2017/05/02 07:49:44 UTC


Sheral  R. Wesley
Sr Systems Engineer
IBEX Mission OPS
CRS/CYGNUS Mission Planning
Bldg. 2   Room 1337
Office (703) 406-5641
Cell (202) 236-0802
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