[Isocops] IBEX Orbit# 112 ATS V002 (2 - 11 Feb 11)

Reno, Michelle mreno at swri.edu
Tue Jan 25 12:58:39 EST 2011

Looks good to me too.


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Subject: Re: [Isocops] IBEX Orbit# 112 ATS V002 (2 - 11 Feb 11)

        I have compared the IBEX_2011_034_00_00_v001.txt and
IBEX_2011_034_00_00_v002.txt, and other than comments and commands
associated with the contacts listed below, there are no differences.
That means all the P/L commands are the same. I approve.

At 11:03 -0500 1/25/11, Ibex Mission Operations wrote:
>     I have made changes to the ATS that consists of the following
>contact changes:
>2K IBEX Orbit# 112 Apogee Contact
>2K IBEX Orbit# 112 Tracking Contact
>Descending 2K IBEX Orbit# 112 Apogee/Link Margin Contact
>40K IBEX Orbit# 112 Tracking Contact
>On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 11:29 AM, Reno, Michelle
><<mailto:mreno at swri.edu>mreno at swri.edu> wrote:
>I approve.
>Looks like we have another sun precession maneuver coming up.
>Orbit 109/110 - Complete
>Orbit 113/114
>Orbit 117/118
>No long eclipses predicated through orbit 122.
>Chelle Reno
>Austin Mission Consulting
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>ISOC at New Hampshire; John Cavallo; Mark Tapley; Tapley, Mark;
>Robert Lockwood; Roland Vanderspek; Ryan Tyler; Sheral Wesley;
>Thomas Regiec; Tim Perry; Walker Cross
>Subject: [Isocops] IBEX Orbit#112 ATS (3 Feb - 10 Feb)
>     Attached are the planning files and the ATS for Orbit# 112.
>Approval/comments are needed before COB Jan 25.
>Command Load Constraint Violation Report (CCVR)
>IBX-CLC-009W: Payload mode unknown during interval 2011/02/03 01:00:00 UTC -
>               2011/02/03 01:51:02 UTC, which overlaps times when IBEX is
>               10 RE at 2011/02/03 01:00:00 UTC - 2011/02/03 01:51:02 UTC
>  Removed Commands
>   @ACT_SetSpinPulseProtectEnable Disable $TIME=2011/02:10:18:37:55
>   @FCT_SetScState science $TIME=2011/02:10:18:38:55
>   @ACT_SetSpinPulseProtectEnable Enable $TIME=2011/02:10:18:39:55
>   @CEU_LO_SCIENCE_MODE NORMAL $TIME=2011/02:10:18:39:55
>Timothy E. Perry
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