[Isocops] CRONology 20-Jan.

Mark Tapley mtapley at swri.edu
Fri Jan 21 13:24:05 EST 2011

Might as well close out the week.
Checked on the sun-pointing, the early PL descending commands will 
take care of us (sun angle 7.15 degrees at descending macro 
completion, vs. 7.7 degrees at 15 Re descending).



16:21  wakeup. Ephem check, pass all 4 axes (worst error 41/150 km)
16:24  SFTP. STF v001 coming back
20:21  wakeup. cmp STF v001
20:22  SFTP. log files.


00:21  wakeup. cmp STF v002 (which I put there)
00:26  SFTP. About a million .sap files, 9 VCID's, 18 or so .trk files.
02:32  rebuild /gbc tree - OK
03:12  rebuild production tree - OK
03:20  SVN update ena
03:20  SVN update web
03:41  SVN commit isoc, ibex
04:21  wakeup. Update spin and pointing files.
09:45  /home/giordano/chicken-ibex backup - web
09:50  /home/giordano/chicken-isoc backup - web.
12:24  SFTP. 12 .INP2, 3 .tle files.

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inhabited by beings that don't have
technology adequate to stop them:

				Think of it as Evolution in Fast-Forward.

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