[Isocops] Fwd: STF for Orbit 0112 - v002 done.

Mark Tapley mtapley at swri.edu
Thu Jan 20 19:58:26 EST 2011

	the v002.stf for orbit 112 has been modified to include -Lo 
O-mode commands, producing:


	which is attached, and has been copied from my directory on 
ena.unh.edu to:


	it has also been placed on the SFTP server at:


	Changes include:

1) Added Lo O-mode commands from oxymode_o0111_v1.stf

**** NOTE ****

1) There are two Moon-in-FOV sessions. They set the _LO_PMT_LVL to 
*different* setback voltages - one to 300 V, and one to 250 V (both 
down from 800). They both return the voltage to 800. I think this is 
OK, but it's unexpected.

2) The second Moon-in-FOV session overlaps the end of the -Lo O-mode 
session; that is, the Moon-in-FOV setbacks take effect, then the -Lo 
O-mode ends, then the Moon-in-FOV setbacks are removed (PMT back to 
full voltage). I don't think we have done this before.

	Please look over this carefully, and let me know if these are OK.

	I think this is ready to go for the Orbit 111 ATS, unless one 
of the isocops says otherwise..

All others,
	comments/corrections welcome.

						- Mark     210-379-4635
Large Asteroids headed toward planets
inhabited by beings that don't have
technology adequate to stop them:

				Think of it as Evolution in Fast-Forward.
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