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Thanks Tim! 

The static z rate and ST spin rate match now because the ACS system is using the static z rate as its spin rate. The static z rate was set after the orbit 108 inertial precession maneuver so there should be a small difference between it and the actual spin rate. This difference should not be enough to introduce additional complications in the ISOC despinning process.

We will be out of the outage at the 1/22 apogee pass. Activities that need to be performed on that pass:
1. Static z rate CAR executed
2. New pointing vector calculated and distributed to team directly after pass.
3. Mark reevaluate the off-sun pointing at the DESCENDING commands and confirm it is not above 7:25 degrees.
4. Mark notify team whether new commands needed, and generate commands if needed.
5. Tim schedule additional pass to upload commands if needed.

Please note:
There is a HAW02 calibration pass on 1/21. It should not have enough %valid to execute the CAR but it will likely be enough to get the sun-pointing angle from the ACS tlm. Tim please send out pointing information after this pass if the %valid is above 50%. Mark can use this pass to diagnose whether new commands are needed. In this scenario we can use the apogee pass to upload new commands.


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    Australia support was nominal. Star tracker percent valid is still
Sun Angle post maneuver is 0.639496.
Static Z rate did not need to be set. Current value is 4.18527 &  ST spin
rate is 4.18527.
Eb/No @64k was 5.05 - 6.24. These values remained steady through out the
VCID0 845 17

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