[Isocops] Fwd: STF for Orbit 0101 - v003 done.

Mark Tapley mtapley at swri.edu
Fri Jan 7 18:47:26 EST 2011

	the .v001.stf for orbit 110 has been modified to include -Lo 
O-mode commands, and to terminate O-mode and all science operations 
early, and to exclude the no longer needed Moon in FOV commands, 


	which is attached, and has been copied from my directory on 
ena.unh.edu to:


	it has also been placed on the SFTP server at:


	Changes include:

1) Added Lo O-mode commands from oxymode_o0110_v1.stf

2) Made the O-mode end commands happen 11 hours earlier, leaving 30 minutes
	before start of the Descending macros

3) Commented out the Moon-in-FOV commands (because they would have taken place
	after the Descending macros began)

4) Made the Descending macros happen 13 hours 30 minutes earlier.

	Descent is now complete by 2011-01-25T10:32:44.000Z, which is 
very close to the last "safe" time according to the ibex_rotate 
analysis of the sun-pointing angle resulting from the sun-pointing 
maneuver at the end of Orbit 109:

[tapley at ena ~]$ ibex_rotate -o -r +300.769 -d -20.415 -w ibex-sun -t 
Quaternion    +0.000000,+0.000000,+0.000000,+0.000000
  points axis  +1.000000,+0.000000,+0.000000
  towards ECI  +0.479446,-0.805269,-0.348817
  which is     R.A. +300.769 Decl. -20.415
  missing      R.A. +300.769 Decl. -20.415 (ibex-sun)
  error is     R.A.   +0.000 Decl.  +0.000
  for a total  0.000 deg
[tapley at ena ~]$ ibex_rotate -o -r +300.769 -d -20.415 -w ibex-sun -t 
Quaternion    +0.000000,+0.000000,+0.000000,+0.000000
  points axis  +1.000000,+0.000000,+0.000000
  towards ECI  +0.479446,-0.805269,-0.348817
  which is     R.A. +300.769 Decl. -20.415
  missing      R.A. +307.253 Decl. -19.068 (ibex-sun)
  error is     R.A.   +6.484 Decl.  +1.347
  for a total  6.249 deg

	It would be great if y'all could go over this with a 
fine-tooth comb. I have already found and eradicated several nasty 
arithmetic errors.

	the above comment notwithstanding, I think this is ready to 
go for the ATS.

At 16:21 -0500 1/5/11, IBEX Operator wrote:
>Routine P/L Operations for Orbit  0110
>   /ibex/moc/Soc-Moc/stf/IBEX_2011_019_02_38_v001.stf
>was delivered to the SFTP site.
>2011-01-18T11:15:01.501Z        15 Re Crossing Time
>2011-01-19T06:35:07.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       ASCENDING_PL1
>2011-01-19T06:35:23.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       ASCENDING_HI
>2011-01-19T06:40:43.411Z        15 Re Crossing Time
>2011-01-19T06:46:17.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       ASCENDING_PL2
>2011-01-19T06:48:22.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       ASCENDING_PL1
>2011-01-19T06:48:38.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       ASCENDING_LO
>2011-01-19T06:56:58.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       ASCENDING_PL2
>2011-01-25T22:34:11.000Z||CEU_LO_PMT_LVL       300
>2011-01-25T22:34:13.000Z||CEU_LO_IF_STAR_ADJ     0
>2011-01-25T23:04:20.000Z||CEU_LO_IF_STAR_ADJ   250
>2011-01-25T23:04:22.000Z||CEU_LO_PMT_LVL       800
>2011-01-25T23:40:34.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       DESCENDING_PL1
>2011-01-25T23:41:16.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       DESCENDING_LO
>2011-01-25T23:49:38.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       ASCENDING_PL2
>2011-01-25T23:51:43.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       DESCENDING_PL1
>2011-01-25T23:52:25.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       DESCENDING_HI
>2011-01-25T23:58:52.454Z        15 Re Crossing Time
>2011-01-26T00:02:44.000Z||CEU_MACRO_EXEC       DESCENDING_PL2
>2011-01-26T19:20:05.872Z        15 Re Crossing Time

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