[Isocops] IBEX Orbit# 150 ATS v003

Reno, Michelle mreno at swri.edu
Thu Dec 8 16:00:20 EST 2011

I approve IBEX_2011_354_o0150a_v003.scr


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Subject: [Isocops] IBEX Orbit# 150 ATS v003

     Here are the planning files and ATS for Orbit# 150 v003.
Please note the following changes:
1. The Inertial Maneuver at PERIGEE takes place outside of the eclipse.
2.  The V003 ATS does not include the commands to set the O-mode start/stop bins
3.  The CCVR report has no violations

Sheral R. Wesley
SPVR., Satellite Operations
IBEX Mission OPS
(304) 279-6678

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